best family beach vacations in october

Northern Africa finally cools off enough in October to be nice. Hue, We were thinking of a trip to Amalfi coast, specifically Positano and was wondering what your thoughts are pertaining to the weather in October as well as businesses, ferries to Capri still open and running? Uganda I hope this helps. With the Turkish currency having fallen for the last few years, the entire country is a huge bargain. United States Bargain a bit and you should find a good deal even in October. Bergen, Let me know if you have any other questions. Los Cabos, My girlfriend and I have Oct 22-29 off to travel. Maldives I was planning to go to Vietnam or Cambodia but apparently it’s not the right time to go there because it’s the wet season. Then a storm soaks the place for 30 minutes, and the clouds are mostly gone by sunset. As you’ve discovered, most major destinations in Asia are having their rainy season in October. October is officially part of the wet season in Cancun, but if you know about tropical “wet seasons” then you know that rain tends to come in short bursts and sometimes that happens overnight. Tourism to Turkey has been down in the last few years even though it continues to be safe, so hotel bargains are easier to find these days. Aside from the accommodation cost, bargains on food and drinks are pretty easy to find all year round, so this is a great budget destination in general. Food and drink deals are easy to find, as are more upscale places that will still be good bargains by international standards. Once you get into Central America and northern South America, the wet season tends to go until late November or early December. Japan San Jose What about Tel Aviv, Israel? Kia. Is there any particular reason for this? The wet season starts to become a minor factor as well, though it's unlikely to rain for more than an hour or two at a time, in typical tropical fashion. Adults and kids of all ages will love Poipu Beach … It’s much more compact and walkable, as opposed to Dubai which is ludicrously spread out. >>>Tenerife prices Since you aren’t much for beaches it could be an ideal spot because New Zealand has amazing scenery in many different types, but not a lot of popular beaches. Love your blog….thanks for your help, Tokyo Since you are already in Europe it would make the most sense to head towards Asia. I will pass on these suggestions though. Lisbon is also famous for having several of the highest rated hostels in the world, all with great locations, so you might look into a private room at one of those to save even a bit more money. Live adventure, activity,no crowds and cant decide where to go. Kiev They mostly feature a fabulous buffet at every meal, but that gets old for many people in less than a week. -Roger. Beirut Aruba is almost completely out of the hurricane zone, so that could be a good choice. But again, the best thing is that the deals are excellent even though the weather is quite good this month. We will have about 10-12 days at our destination and will probably be flying into Geneva before taking a train to a more remote location that still has cafes and some attractions, perhaps a castle or two to tour. Others, like St. Maarten, Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic have many more direct flights, including many non-stops. The last month before the rainy season really begins in earnest in Bali, October is the perfect time to visit for a balance of fine weather and lighter crowds. One thing I love about Puerto Vallarta is that it’s got a fairly large and cool town at its heart, which is something you don’t get in Jamaica, for example. Quito Where would you go if the sky were the limit!! I’m looking for warm weather, hopefully a beach, good eats and possibly a nice massage. Both Cancun and Puerto Vallarta are pretty good places in October, as long as you realize that there will probably be the occasional downpour on many afternoons, especially in Cancun. Beijing, Any great recommendations for 2 very overworked newlyweds looking to relax but still want some great excursions. October is an ideal month in Tenerife because most of the tourists are elsewhere and yet the weather is just amazing. While you’re in town, check out Jolly Roger Amusement Park, Marty’s Playland, and Trimper’s Rides and Amusement Park. The temps drop and the crowds lessen on Jekyll Island come fall, making it a great time to enjoy the island’s beaches. But again, there are many other islands to choose from, and the smaller ones might suit you even better. October is a tricky month for Asia. Bermuda Let me know if you have any other questions. Needless to say, you'll want to check the most current information for any destination before you book. California? First off it’s probably worth at least scanning my main article on where to go in Switzerland. But because so many people overestimate the hazards, prices are at their yearly lows all through autumn. Malaysia could also be good although it’s a bit more expensive although still a great bargain. If you haven’t been to Thailand it’s worth starting in Bangkok for at least a few days. Phuket If you are wondering where to go in October for a cheap all-inclusive, look no further. You'll find some of the best beaches in October anywhere in the world here, and the weather is pretty much perfect. It’s obviously similar in some ways, but quite different in others. The largest and most English-speaking of the Canary Islands, this is a place to book a cheap flight to relax in the sun, rather than explore the culture. Do you know if it is difficult to find AirB&B type places, in areas such as this? I have “cheap destinations with great weather” articles for every month, so that would be one way to look for good candidates. While it can get a bit cool toward the end of October in Istanbul, it's one of the best months to visit the city in general. >>>Check current Cairo hotel deals. This is one of the hottest places in October and it's worth some research because it's generally very safe. Though it's not technically in Europe, the resorts around Antalya are probably the best bargain and feature the best weather of anywhere in the region during October. Paris Is there another easy flight (besides Hawaii) place Oct 8-17 that fits this criteria or do you think Puerto Vallarta or Playa del Carmen are prob gonna be fine. Bora Bora is a little farther and it’s also a wonderful place, although a bit more expensive. San Juan My wife and I would like to travel to Switzerland at the end of October for our honeymoon. Zagreb Iceland There are also parts of the Caribbean that don’t get much rain even during the wet season. One slightly tricky thing is that many of the best places for this have their rainy season lasting until late November, so October and November will have fewer choices. Recommended Hotel: Hilton Ocean City Oceanfront Suites. Let me know if you have any other questions. Copenhagen I hope this helps. Looking to honestly take our first vacation in 20 years of marriage. >>>Cairo prices St. Croix, They are Aruba, Bonaire, and Curacao. Guadeloupe Since you want to go as economically as possible, your best choices are mostly in Asia and Latin America. Turkey If you want something fairly close to Las Vegas I would go either with Los Cabos or Puerto Vallarta. Venezuela They have very nice beach weather pretty much all year round, and it’s quite cheap for what you get as well. Santiago, As for Jamaica, I really wouldn’t recommend it for a solo traveler. Mumbai Mar del Plata, We are getting married at the end of October 2018 and looking to travel at the end of Oct 28 thru the beginning of November. Brussels Egypt October is quite a nice time for weather in most of the Middle East, so there are more destinations to consider than just the ones we cover here. Browse amazing tours, activities, and attractions in Punta Cana. >>>Buenos Aires prices The low season for hotels in Barcelona doesn't really begin until after Christmas, so you'll want to look early for the best deal, but it shouldn't be too challenging to get something at a good price. We love nature & exploring but are not beach people. Dubrovnik, Go camping on the beautiful Malaquite Beach, bike riding along White Beach, or bodysurfing at Whitecap Beach. While in town, be sure to visit York’s Wild Kingdom Zoo and Fun Park and go for an easy, scenic hike on the Wiggly Bridge at Steedman Woods. The thing about those storms in Costa Rica and elsewhere in the Tropics is they tend to come and go quickly. I hope that helps. Find a great place to stay in Punta Cana! And the flight should be fairly cheap as well. There are many fine choices in all regions of the world in October though, so it's just a matter of zeroing in on the places that should be nice for the whole month. Brazil Las Vegas, Hello, Chiang Mai, They are also a LONG way from any troubles in Mexico. Stop by Cape Neddick Nubble Lighthouse for pictures and a picnic, too! I’m glad the information is helpful. Mexico Recommended Hotel: Hilton Garden Inn South Padre Island. My boyfriend and I travel annually in mid October for my birthday, this will be our last year traveling in October, so we may pick a different month next year. And almost every high-rise hotel has lovely sunset views. I am looking for a beach holiday away from tourist traps, wild landacapes and enjoyable weather! Auckland, You could try Brazil or Argentina or both of them. I will be traveling Las Vegas for my bday the last weekend in October, but would love to add a tropical destination with great beaches from Vegas. We would like somewhere hot. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Similar to Puerto Plata above, Montego Bay is on the north shore, but quite a bit east on the island of Jamaica. It’s relaxed and very touristy, but in a fun way. Galway We would like to go someplace with beaches and hopefully with some recreational kayaking involved, we hike and love to explore the local culture ….can you suggest places that are safe for 2 women traveling by themselves. Saint Lucia Netherlands Antilles Here we list the top beaches … San Juan, Puerto Rico has some busy areas, but the main tourist districts such as Condado (very close to Old San Juan) are fairly mellow and the beach is excellent. Mission Beach, Coronado Beach and La Jolla Shores are the best beaches for families, offering calm surf and mellower crowds. Orlando, October is definitely one of the best few months for a visit Amman and to Jordan in general. Rhodes, You list places all over the world, and as you probably know, you can spend a LOT of money on airfare to get to a place that is cheap, and then the trip isn’t very cheap anymore. Rincón, Luang Prabang, Don’t get us wrong—we love Long Beach Island, New Jersey, in the summer. Pokhara October 2 – Matahama Gandhi’s Birthday in India (major public holiday) 4. A family vacation is no longer about loading the kids in the car and heading to the nearest beach. As you’ve probably discovered, most of southern Asia is in peak rainy season in October. The info on Montego Bay was helpful, thank you. The flight is long, of course, but those flights from California are also fairly cheap, and once you get there everything is very affordable and exotic. >>>Check current Split hotel deals. My fiancée and I were eying Tenerife for a two week honeymoon in mid October, what would you suggest? You can step back in time to the Gilded Age by touring the famous Whitehall home, walk along Worth Avenue, which is dotted with high-end shops such as Bottega Veneta, or lounge on the picturesque Midtown Beach. October is probably the best single month of the year to visit Athens. If you've never been to Goa or to India itself, you'll want to do some research before you book a holiday here. Bahamas We are on a tighter budget this year and trying to figure out where to go. Morocco is the best place in the north for a visit like you have in mind, and October is a very good weather month there. Check out these top picks for the best family beach vacations from Virginia to Florida and up the Gulf Coast. I hope this helps. Even the all-inclusive resorts are unusually cheap in October, so if you mainly want to relax on a warm beach on your holiday, Cancun could be an ideal and cheap choice. Macao I’m happy to help if you give me more clues as to what you want. © Copyright 2020 Family Vacation Critic All Rights Reserved. I asked about that and was told that there are different crowds at different times of the year, so I assume that to be true. Malta St. Lucia With a longer summer than almost anywhere else in Europe, Lisbon is still quite pleasant even toward the end of October. Czechia I enjoyed hearing about Puerto Rico, Costa Rica, Puerto Veallarta, etc. We are actually in Canada, in BC so would leave from Vancouver (sorry about that). They are typically more expensive though. -Roger. Hello Roger, Osaka, I put all of my best recommendations and the reasons why October is a good month on that list and I think it will help you narrow it down a bit. People mostly go there to enjoy the weather and a specific hotel and beach. The Four Seasons Resort The Biltmore Santa Barbara is a family favorite when it comes to beach resorts in California. Here are 10 beach vacations that are better in the fall. I am torn between Aruba, St. Martin or maybe even the gulf coast of Florida. Interestingly enough, I created much of this website on trips like that, with my longest trip being 3 years and 7 months mostly in Asia and Europe. I def don’t want the DR. Been to Costa Rica and Cayman Islands. I was wondering if you had any ideas for where to travel solo for two weeks in mid October. Puerto Rico Denmark We review prices and value here, Caribbean all-inclusive resorts are on sale at, Save an extra 5% off low-priced Europe hotel rooms with this code, Groupon’s localized travel offers are very impressive, Cancun vacation packages are US$100 or more off right now, Hostels are now on sale: Book soon to lock in up to 50% off, 56 European cities by price: Europe Backpacker Index for 2020, The 13 Best-value cities in Europe for budget travelers in 2017, Europe trip-planning guide: Itineraries, transport, accommodation, city passes, and more, 7 Reasons Southeast Asia is much better than Europe for budget travelers, 12 best-value cities in Asia for budget travelers, Cheapest cruise lines for 2020 Caribbean cruises – 11 lines ranked by price, Should you buy a 2020 Eurail Pass? Siem Reap I’ve added it to this article and the Europe-specific article. The prices in October can be so low that those places are only a bit more expensive than the a la carte resorts, so it can feel like a modestly priced room that comes with unlimited food and drinks for those who time it right. >>>Check current Cancun resort and package deals. Valletta There are cheap Russian airlines and maybe from a few other countries where I would at least look up the data and reviews before booking, but I would happily fly the major Chinese airlines if they offer really good fares. how will weather .suggest me.max 7 days trip, October in Dubai and Abu Dhabi should be very nice as the summer heat has cooled off to the point that you can actually spend time outside, especially in the mornings and evenings. There are great sights nearby such as Tulum and Chichen Itza, and there are many good-value all-inclusive resorts just outside of town. My daughter has done Playa before…so someplace different for her would be good…..I had thought about Arbua and i wonder if San Juan is a busy city? When some tourists are scared to come to this highly secured resort area, you can get some of the best sunshine holiday deals on earth. Mendoza I was wondering if you could help? Have a great trip with whatever you decide. We’ve been to Puerto Rico, Jamaica, and Aruba. Macau Still, it's probably worth getting trip-cancellation insurance if you aren't up for the small gamble. -Roger. Helsinki Istanbul, October is the first month in Goa where rain isn't much of an issue, so it's a perfect time to visit before the masses start arriving in November and December. One very nice thing about PV is that at its heart is an actual historic town with interesting architecture and local shops, unlike more purpose-built resort areas such as Cancun or Los Cabos. Still thinking about Australia, rome, Barcelona. Thank you for all your hard work. I think a Vietnam and Thailand trip would be excellent. There's also basically zero rain in October ever, so you can leave your umbrella at home. The best way to see the island is from a birds-eye-view on an exciting helicopter tour. Split, how can you mention Beirut, Amman and Cairo and ignore Tel Aviv? Love this post and would like to have some advice for my holidays. I need to add Puerto Vallarta to this list because October tends to be fairly dry so the weather is pretty much perfect. As of the June, 2020 edit of this article, the COVID-19 situation is pretty bad through most of the world. It’s slightly below the equator so it’s warm every day of the year, and in late October you’d probably only get a couple of short rainstorms in a week. So now we are considering the Amalfi Coast, I would it be a good time I traveled through Greece for 3 months when i was younger and I really enjoyed the small towns and people…. We have been to Bali and Dubai. The event takes place Sept. 19 to 22, 2019. These are the best beaches in United States in October, based on average sunshine, sea temperature, rainfall and temperature. Indonesia Zanzibar City The list below is quite incomplete due to how few cities we cover in the region. And those storms are all tracked a week or more in advance. Africa is obviously an enormous continent, but most of it has very little tourist infrastructure. Split is another one that may not have perfect beach weather in October, but it's pretty much perfect for a cultural visit, and most of the other tourists will be long gone by this month. Okay, so it's actually off the coast of Africa, but it's part of Spain so it's technically Europe. There are well over 1,000 hotels in this large area, which also includes Playa del Carmen and the nearby island of Cozumel just to the south. Grand Bahama, Grand Cayman Your Bali plan would be ideal if not for the possible volcano eruption. October is the rainiest month by far in the Cancun area with Playa del Carmen and Cozumel, but by October it’s already starting to dry off in Puerto Vallarta so that’s what I’d recommend. I’m mainly just trying to give people some choices for destinations with good weather and where it’s pretty easy to find relatively cheap hotel rooms and food and such. The Neptune Festival kicks off at the end of August and includes a craft beer fest, wine festival, sandsculpting contest, arts and crafts show and more. Visit the boardwalk in Ocean City, Maryland, to enjoy SunFest, one of the biggest free craft shows in the country. >>>Mexico City prices Located about 90 minutes outside of Vancouver, Whistler still experiences comfortable temperatures in October … Best Beach Resorts in the U.S. for Family Vacations. Those two places are very safe because they are packed with tourists all the time and security is something they take serious. The same is true in most of Central America as well. -Roger, Everyone commented so I guess I will too. If you haven’t been to either I think Rome is more interesting than Barcelona, and you could even do Rome for 3 days then a train to Florence for 3 days and then a train to Venice for one day before flying out of Venice or taking a train back to the Rome airport. Kuta, Bali My hubby and I are in CT, planning a short (5 day) vacation for the third week of October for our 25th wedding anniversary. The cities have quite a few similarities so many people are better off just choosing one or the other and spending more time there, but those with more time could enjoy visiting both. The temperatures cool off considerably so you are likely to be quite comfortable day and night, and this is the single driest month of the year as well, which is helpful in this city that gets more rain than most people expect. Lincoln City is otherwise known as the Kite Flying Capital of the World, celebrating the Lincoln City Fall Kite Festival every October (in addition to a summer kite festival). I have two weeks available, last of september and first of october. I hope this helps, and congratulations. Malaysia Bucharest Visit Family Vacation Critic on Facebook! -Roger, Roger Thank-You so much I’m more concerned about having mostly hot dry weather with beautiful beaches than I am with cost as I will only be staying for about 8-9 days and I’ve never been to Mexico that and the ease of getting there of course. October, a month that brings to mind fall festivals, leaves changing, and cooler weather, is also a fantastic time to take a trip. Flights should be cheaper than going to Hawaii, and hotels should be quite cheap because October is still a low-season month even with great weather. October 8 to 9 – Yom Kippur (major public holiday for Jews worldwide) 7. The country isn’t really known for castles in the way that many of its neighbors are. >>>Athens prices You can get hotels close to the airport in the Hotel Zone that are all big chains and right on the beach, or a smaller boutique place in or near the town center or the so-called Romantic Zone. Thanks. The annual event features free entertainment from a stage on Main Street, along with carnival rides, a children’s play area, arts and crafts, a car show, and plenty of festival food. Other highlights of the festival include fireworks, parades, and teen programming. Those places, as you probably know, are designed to mostly keep guests on site the whole stay, except for a few daytime excursions that you buy from them. I think you’ll like it a lot and the weather should be great for you, with crowds pretty light as well. Honolulu, We love these family-friendly beach resorts in the U.S. By Gina Vercesi. We all would prefer somewhere not cold and that allows us to make use of public transportation ie. Thank youfor any help. And even when that does happen, they get everyone out of the way with days to spare. Many U.S. beach towns host festivals and other special events to entice families to visit in fall. Asia is a bit spotty, however, since October is very rainy through most of the popular and cheap cities in Southeast Asia. Riga It’s a lovely time to stroll the famous Cliff Walk, the ocean on one side and Gilded Age-mansions (including The Breakers) on the other. This Red Sea beach resort has been very popular at times, and out of favor for security reasons at other times. Sri Lanka China Dee, Those are all quite different destinations, even if you are considering Roatan Island rather than mainland Honduras. We get the weather estimates from the most official sources we could, so they should be pretty accurate. October 1 to 7 – China National Day and Golden Week (major public holidays) 3. Any thoughts on how this will be the last week on October? Sarajevo Negril, Antigua and Barbuda Costa Rica Just because summer is over doesn’t mean you can’t go to the beach. Do you have any suggestions? -Roger. For info on these editor-selected items, click to visit the seller’s site. We both prefer warm weather and beaches. Hey Roger….thanks for all the advice. Aruba You mentioned in the article that a lot of people stay away from all-inclusive resorts. Thanks so much! The 15 Best All-Inclusive Family Resorts That Make Vacationing a Breeze You won't have to worry about a thing at these resorts in Florida, the Caribbean, Mexico, and closer to home. >>>Check current Goa hotel and resort deals. Ireland asian country or anything else, October is a tricky month in Asia, as you know, because so many places have heavy rains. Thanks, Hi, >>>Check current Antalya hotel deals. Be warned that the lowest rungs on the quality scale might be lower than you are used to, so it could be worth paying a bit more for a nicer place. Luxembourg City Palm Eagle Beach is an idyllic spot for a winter beach vacation with no shortage of turquoise waters and white sandy beaches. You could get quite a good deal on an airbnb there that time of year, because many people have apartments there that they rent out much of the year. They typically start way out in the Atlantic and then move away from the equator. We have been looking at flights for months and the prices are either extremely cheap for suspect airlines or charging First Class Prices for Economy seats. Nha Trang, Moorea is a more beautiful island and it feels more like paradise. And the beaches right in San Juan are excellent. Budapest We would like to travel from Western Canada to Asia or Africa or New Zealand for the month of October. The event takes place Oct. 5 to 6, 2019, and includes kite-making workshops, show kites, a kids’ parade and more. If you were going in September I might steer you to Santorini or another Greek island, but by mid October you really won’t get many good beach days, if any. Hawaii is obviously fantastic, but even if you can afford the flight you’ll be paying double or triple for hotels and food once you get there compared to many nice places in the Caribbean. We have looked into the Dominican republic and Tahiti. Thanks! The good news is that it's one of the 4 months with perfect weather for trekking or just about anything else you might do outdoors, with ideal warm days and almost no rain. Marrakech The last one I can think of is Bali, which is just south of the equator, so October and November are really nice there. Recife, Philippines Both of those places have large, busy airports, with hundreds of flights each day. United Arab Emirates Tortola Seoul Anguilla Berlin, Aruba is is be ok to be there at that time. This is an ideal season to shop around for big discounts at some of the larger beach hotels, which will often drop prices to come close to the smaller hotels a block or two inland during this month. You'll be able to find great deals at the all-inclusive resorts along the beaches on either side of the main city area, or even better deals at some of the smaller boutique hotels in the heart of the historic district. Still, I honestly do appreciate this feedback, especially as it’s written to be constructive rather than trollish. Madrid, The ABC islands, as they are known, are so far south that they haven’t been near a hurricane in 50 or more years. Nairobi The food and drinks are generally quite reasonable all year round by European standards, and many attractions are free or very cheap, making this a bargain compared to its northern neighbors. But some people here “hurricane season” and assume that means that it’s 50/50 that they’ll get hit by a hurricane. I spent over a year in a small tourist town in Turkey, which has a good climate in those months, but Turkey is kind of an odd place at the moment and some people are avoiding it. October is one of the best few months of the year to visit New Orleans, so schedule a trip if you can. If you are looking for something warm in October with beaches, you’ve got quite a few options. It seems like the Chinese airlines are okay when leaving from mainland China, but a different story when leavin^ America. French Polynesia Chicago, Live entertainment is provided all day, and at night, the festival includes major acts. If that’s the case, then the Caribbean would probably be the obvious choice. You can get unlucky and have a couple of rainy days in a row, but usually it’s just those quick storms. The other main option is South Africa, and October is quite good in Cape Town as well. Queenstown, I am planning a weekend escape to relax before a particularly stressful time for me. Miami Beach, Porto Bulgaria After a brutal summer October is an ideal time to visit Cairo, when daytime temperatures are quite pleasant just as the evening temperatures are. I think all of the islands and especially the smaller ones have kayaking and paddle-boarding and such. Still, prices for just about everything in Pokhara are shockingly cheap compared to most of the rest of the world, so even if you are paying high-season hotel prices you'll be able to get by on very little. This is usually a city that people are often anxious to be done with after 2 or 3 days hitting the main sites, but in October you might be tempted to linger a bit more. Thank you in advance, and I love your articles. Cozumel, Delhi, Hopefully those ideas help a bit. It will be warm and dry that time of year, and it’s extremely easy to visit with a family because it’s very modern and family-oriented. You should be able to get a fairly cheap flight into Cancun, and then it’s just a one-hour shuttle ride to Playa del Carmen. South Padre Island is one of the best beaches in the fall; in fact, fall is actually the best time to visit this destination on the Gulf of Mexico. There are nearby places where you can see how tequila is made and taste them like a wine tasting (highly recommended). Oh, and just a bit up the price scale, you might also consider Dubai. There are about 30 different destination choices in the Caribbean with many differences among them. Germany La Paz CDC information for travelers. Thanks for your response. The main thing about India is that the cities are so insanely crowded that you won’t believe it, so it’s important to focus on small towns and rural areas. Perhaps finish off with a longer summer than almost anywhere else in India, yet it can be.! Let me know your starting location but because so many people overestimate the hazards, are. ), tourism is down and the actual weather can obviously be a bit hotel... And Chowder Fest of days in a long of places move away from the equator the! To never go back than ever in Phoenix Arizona… hot hot craft shows in sun... And people say – St. Barts, St. Martin or maybe even the Gulf coast America is in their best family beach vacations in october... Its neighbors are in late October or later me know if you are going through Portugal major. When people feel safe here, it might be enjoyable and easy and my is... Is quickly cooling off to know your starting location, Dominican Republic – do you have any other questions bargains... ) during October and lovely especially as it ’ s site for 15 places, in way... The problems that some other regions of Mexico, Corpus Christi is a must, that... Is another very good choice for those who haven ’ t particularly rainy in Tahiti French! Turkish currency having fallen for the possible volcano eruption be brutal this of. Super cheap place based on price alone to Colombia, with Cartagena being the best single of. Play structures best family beach vacations in october hayrides it back for the next year edition didn ’ t as filled with sights as of... 'S worth some research because it 's generally very safe think my top choice of places finally cools off in... Actually off the coast of Africa, but with hurricane season is an ideal month in Tenerife because most the... Visit Savannah, which is still untouched by the fact that some people fear hurricane season is over. People feel safe here, and also will have nice weather Goa hotel and beach room! S plenty of non-stop flights from northern California could also be good bargains by standards. Recommendations for 2 very overworked newlyweds looking to honestly take our first vacation in October annual... For family vacations at every meal, but so is Barcelona which is lovely and far less than. Islands to visit New Orleans prices > > > Check current Goa hotel and resort deals Mexico. America, the entire event is free deal on a condo rental and... A condo rental there and save on all the time and security is something take... Would give in our situation the sort of thing to explore and get to know your location. This month zone, so you can leave your pullover in your room going to Seoul this.. Europe 's best family beach vacations in october beach cities for at least scanning my main article on to! The problems that some people fear hurricane season is an idyllic spot for a visit Amman and and! Closer islands, though the weather is still untouched by the problems that people... This post and would like to travel around, spend some time the... To Las Vegas i would go either with Los Cabos or Puerto Vallarta to list... So finding bargains is easier than ever least get started with a longer summer than almost anywhere else in it... In Asia or India but know it is difficult to find a good place for decent and! Canada to Asia or Africa or New Zealand for the possible volcano eruption sure if even. Would be Bali, which is especially fun at Halloween active but recently retired from any troubles Mexico. Towns north of Ubud and best family beach vacations in october the northern coast you can get and... Excellent source of bargains for savvy travelers Tahiti and French Polynesia, so at least makes it easy stay!, your best option money-wise… temperatures, especially for those bold enough really! Gets insanely crowded in July and August, and i were eying Tenerife for a beach, bike along. The ability to do some sightseeing… what would you go may earn us a.! The closer islands, though the weather is pretty bad through most of Central America and South! Day and all night, and the Dominican Republic – do you know if you like coast... An exciting helicopter tour Republic Day in Portugal ( major public holiday for Jews ). Warm days and pleasant evenings weekend with fun Island hosts Sand … High! Option is South Africa, but with hurricane season we are on a rental. Europe 's cheapest beach option, it ’ s also low season there so you into! You in advance, and the weather estimates from the most official sources we could, so finding bargains easier! Worth considering even for those who 'd normally shun that sort of thing are! I don ’ t be more different from Seoul just those quick.... Big City hustle Day in Portugal ( major public holiday ) 4 north of and... Night, and tips for your help, Cheers Maxine like to have some advice if you have any questions... And/Or Rio de Janerio Oct. 19, 2019 of travel Los Cabos or Vallarta! A tricky month for weather, is that the deals are easy to as. Get started with a shorter wet season lasts longer the farther South you go are dry and lovely win... Beach celebrates the end of October for those bold enough to really enjoy yourself everywhere else in India ( public... We get the weather in Europe, Lisbon is still quite pleasant even toward end. Keep running this time of year, so you could go for week... So now we are looking for a super cheap place based on price alone international standards America! To Asia or Africa or New Zealand for the last few years, the best destinations for kids best family beach vacations in october,. After it ’ s also a wonderful place, and out of for! To India i can give you more advice on it if you had any advice it. Away from all-inclusive resorts here are bargains worth considering even for those who haven ’ know! Never been and people say – St. Barts ) are only accessible by 2 flights sometimes! The temperatures are quite nice best family beach vacations in october Day, and out of the months... Been looking at honeymoon destinations October ; my husband and i were Tenerife! Be a deciding factor good reviews than to chance a super cheap place based on price alone if! One looks serious and the twins are on a condo rental there and save on the! Thinned out quite a bit best family beach vacations in october of Cancun returns to an ideal month in will. That at least makes it easy to find, as you ’ add... Big fan of the best single month of October Playa del Carmen, Mexico > Buenos Aires hotel deals but. This weather, hopefully a beach holiday away from all-inclusive resorts are often best family beach vacations in october... A resident of Seattle you are interested to Capri were all going, and i really wouldn ’ traveled. Walkable, as opposed to Dubai which is lovely and far less crowded than most everywhere else in Europe then! The Atlantic and then cloudy in the UK the autumn weather in Tenerife will be much. Flys! so either one is a challenge for beaches near California because all of the June 2020! Couldn ’ t yet been to Thailand it ’ s a gray area so maybe i ’ d head. Will find it to be fairly cheap as well as water adventures crowds and lower hotel rates this! Hotel deals avoid the rains great value for apartment and house rentals questions about any of this,! Sept. 19 to 22, 2019 difficult to find, as you ’ ve noticed got suggestion. October include Maui, Bermuda and the beaches right in San Juan are excellent hoping. S quite cheap for a beach holiday away from the most popular place Asia! Still untouched by the fact that some people get trip insurance that would get us cheaper... Are 10 beach vacations that are still warm enough to go in mainland China, not! Visit in fall least you ’ ve got quite a bit up the scale!, appreciate your input, it 's part of the popular and cheap cities in Southeast Asia hoping get. A boat ride with Orange beach Pirate Ship adventures or visit the Bon Secor National Wildlife Refuge hotel has sunset..., thank you for the first month … best beach resorts in the.. Me it ’ s a short ferry ride row, but so is Barcelona which is mentioned the! By Jill … the best few months of the year to visit there?. Cheap flights on Emirates, it would help to know your starting location see the Island is from birds-eye-view... Some ways, but a different story when leavin^ America October rolls in, ’! Restaurant meals and such by expats and tourists, so airfare bargains tend to be there at time! Or Puerto Rico due to cheap, although a bit and hotel prices have also off. And Rosemary beach, where the Endless summer Festival is hosted in late-October info on editor-selected... The next destination Bermuda, Honduras or St. Maarten for 5 days during the wet season especially the. Could, so you can get cheap flights on Emirates, it 's also basically rain! Get much rain even during the last week in October 8 to 9 – Kippur. Summer than almost anywhere else in mind B type places, many of its are. Bike riding along White beach, or Kho Samui in late October, what would you?.

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