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We decided to name our child after the ocean because it is strong, powerful, ancient and enduring. Both Arlington and Warrington are listed in the 1918 City Directory as being streets in “Point Loma Heights”. Help give your baby a strong self-concept with a name inspired from this season. It will be interesting to see what you find out. Don’t y’all dare go out here naming your kids booby. Um.... for the first one you put Athena but I think you meant to put Aphrodite. So, what’s up with the mystery of the unknown origin of Long Branch? What he didn’t know was that Hitler was a tweaker and he didn’t distribute it. Don (author) from Tennessee on March 15, 2019: Thanks for your input; changes have been made to correct that. There’s an Arlington Dr. in Clairemont and perhaps the developers convinced the city to let them have the name. John Stevens Cabot Abbott (1805-1877) was an American historian whose popular books included works about Napoleon, the Civil War and Frederick the Great. I have eaten ther when I was a Would prefer something related to the sea but subtle or a bit unusual. 1, No. Bacon Street – probably from Sir Francis Bacon (1561-1626), most famous for his essays, or from Roger Bacon (1214?1294), a noted philosopher. You can also subscribe without commenting. He started at OB Elementary in 1929. Car Theme. do you know sky brown the skateboarder and Surfer her little brother is called Ocean Brown. And they’re the ones who have the connections to ensure those very purchases actually occur. Aberdeen: Meaning "mouth of the river” Adira: Of Hebrew origin meaning majestic, strong, or noble Anthia: Greek name that means "lady of the flowers" Aukai: Hawaiian for "explorer of the sea" Azure/Azurine: A French girl's name that means "sky-blue" Bahari: Ocean in Swahili Beck: British term that means "mountain stream" Bermuda: After the triangle. Bible names are some of the oldest on our planet. I think we'll find things that will change our planet, whether it be for better or worse. probably from the seaside resort in Sussex, England, on the English Channel. It's probably a good thing I don't plan on having kids, because I would 100% name them Booby and Wet. sumter co. sumter co. villas sumter co. comm. It is axiomatic in our world that whoever plans out and develops a community gets to name the streets! An apartment that openly discriminated against renters with children. I’ve read the article before. These can be tied to historians and writers from various countries. Example: Rudder Thompson; sounds like a great name to me. My bad! Known for his “appeasement policy” in dealing with Adolf Hitler before WW2. Cable Street – probably from George Washington Cable (1844-1925), noted for his use of “local color” in books he based on Creole history. I especially like the names Typhoon and Monsoon. Bong Ranch is a funny name given to Long Branch Avenue by locals. Who was responsible for putting together the sub-divisions that make up what is the present community of Ocean Beach? If you are looking for a random city or town name to spark a location for a book, game, or a script, millions of possibilities are at your finger tips. The entire family live their lives around the ocean and have names inspired by it. I have a copy of the 1939 city directory (SD) and there is no Arl;ington St. or Dr. listed. This is a terrific list of old-fashioned baby boy names, the majority of which are in style. What kid doesn’t enjoy the beach? Don (author) from Tennessee on January 09, 2014: @iwrite100: There is more life in the oceans than many people believe. However, the point became academic when DeFoe Street was changed in 1927 to Sunset Cliffs Boulevards. Ocean inspired male names (59 Posts) Add message | Report. Thanks Pat for catching me on this. This list is made of a funny spin from the most common street names according to the U. S. Census. These home name ideas might inspire you to give your home a name! Don (author) from Tennessee on November 07, 2017: At Concerned Reader: The Boreal Sea was a seaway that existed 66 million years ago that lay along the northern border of Laurasia. Despite meaning "son of the sea," Dylan is an ocean-inspired name perfect for either a boy or a girl. Thank you. Going east up Santa Cruz the trolley turned right (south) on Guizot, not Froude – then down to Orchard and left to continue east – though some older people said it curved through what is now the residential block there. Pescadero Avenue – possibly from the village in San Mateo County. – San Diego Magazine, Aug. 1997, “Ocean Beach: Lifestyle Frozen in Tine.”. Jan 14, 2013 - Explore Jill Schuerman's board "Street name ideas" on Pinterest. The Census Bureau mentions a point of statistical note in the report: a town with an “East Main Street” that continues onto a “West Main Street” is counted as two separate streets. Old to New Street names 1929 - 1945. The first permanent star was created on March 28, 1960, for director Stanley Kramer. I can remember always trying to figure the reason why it didn’t run cable. I also think Pacifica and Coral are good ocean names, too. Blue as an ocean-inspired name falls into the subtheme of nature, peace, and tranquility people feel at and on the ocean. Classic, old-fashioned names like "Rudy," "Walt," "Felix," and "Silas" are more popular than ever. Thank you! America’s Creepy Street Names. I LOVE all names related to the ocean and water and these names are beautiful! I am try to find a good last name for my sims 3 family. 2120 Chadwick R.W. Some of these name meanings are inaccurate. This name is truly unisex, and it always conjures up Bob Dylan’s beautiful lyrics. The OB Rag has been initiated to ply the Ocean Beach community and the San Diego scene with news and commentary from a distinctively progressive and grassroots perspective, and to provide a forum for those views. (in the alphabetical section, Florence Chadwick, and Where do these names come from? Stay clear of the Name Po. or or If you want to invent your own name, use the table below and choose a word from each column. I didn't know that many names are in fact ocean-inspired. Chamberlain wanted peace and sent a bunch of herb to Germany to try and chill them out. I love this article!! London Street name changes. My name is Catalina, it Spanish for Pure and their are islands and water planes named after it so I’d say its water themed also I recommend coral it so simple and I have a friend named Mariana and I know a boy called ocean. If you're looking for a first name that has something to do with the deserts of our planet, then this is the place for you. One thing different about Long Branch is that it’s two alleys are the only ones in OB that do not connect from the water to Sunset Cliffs. As you said it has an “unusual vibration.”, Sunshine,as most of the other streets were named after resorts, this does apply: “…Long Branch Avenue, which probably was named after Long Branch, New Jersey, which has been an Atlantic seacoast resort since the 1770s, and was once known as the “Hollywood of the East””, Were there any dance studios in Ocean Beach in the time period from 1916-1920? She wanted a unique and wonderful name that nobody else had. Georg Ebers (1837-1898) was a German Egyptologist and novelist of historical fiction. Okay there's a lot to unpack here. It is not a common name-had DePuy been there, or did he just like the sound of it? Sadly the quiet little court, the people and trees were replaced with a large apartment development in about 1971. their restaurant twas listed at 2971 Market. It turns out that if it were not for him saving a damsel in distress, I would have never been born. While your business may be extremely professional and important, choosing a creative company name can attract more attention. - If you wish to link to this page, you can do so by referring to the URL address below this line. A selection of the most popular U.S. street names reveal some pretty broad trends that crop up again and again. Who the f*$# would name their child Booby?! Coastal house names in the community of Seabrook, featured at House of Turquoise . I could also use some first name suggestions!! I get caught up writing books and don't know what names to name the characters so I came to heat and got some really good names for my characters so thank u so much. Cordelia. A street or road name is an identifying name given to a street or road.In toponymic terminology, names of streets and roads are referred to as hodonyms (from Ancient Greek ὁδός / hodós - road, and ὄνομα / ónoma - name). They all sound like they belong together; whether inspired by the ocean, rivers or wetlands. This glossary of ocean terms defines words and phrases you may have heard but don't quite understand. We love nature but don’t want ones like Fox or Bear. There were others, but these were the worst. If his Sea Side Street was named after New Jersey’s Seaside Park, it presages the pattern Carlson and Higgins chose, whether it is DePuy’s home town or not. I will definetly be considering the names Booby and Wet for my twins-to-be. In 1969, I was at a joint rolling contest at the Freaks' less than up scale San Francisco abode. We had a group called the OB Tree – where someone at the top of the “tree” would make an emergency phone call to, say, 2 others, and then they would “branch” out and make more calls. I thought about putting origins for every name (e.g., Tiger comes from tiger shark), but I thought it would take away from the article. (In fact the OB Planning Board was the first democratically-elected urban planning committee in not only the history of the City of San Diego, but also of the State of California.). Froude Street – probably from James Anthony Froude (1818-1894), a historian and essayist, noted more for his style than his accuracy. With Halloween right around the corner, it’s only right to celebrate all things creepy in America. Of course I know Ned from the Seventies. Aren't these supposed to be ocean-inspired, "Turbo: Remember the movie about the snail that could move really fast?" I love the history of the streets….lived on a few over the years and Long Branch definitely has a vibe……a great one at that!! The number in brackets below indicates how many of the neighborhoods have a street with the same name. Narragansett Avenue – probably from the Rhode Island town on Narragansett Bay, an inlet of the Atlantic Ocean. The partners called their large sub-division “Ocean Beach” and despite the economic collapse soon after, their street names by in large have held over time. A LOT of these names just sound like you hate your child or something. https://www.dropbox.com/s/js0acwrb4yjuvrc/Streetcar%20line%20Map_1925.JPG, Excuse me, left my brain in my other body…. The name Cordelia is a girl's name of Latin, Celtic origin meaning "heart; daughter of the … This list includes a variety of rugged, feminine, and old-fashioned names. I am working on a book and this has been very helpful! There are plenty of well known people and stars with very unique names that can say they are who they are, in part, because of their first name. Also, stop teasing the author for their names, because I don't think any of us could find as many names as Don did, and they're all unique and great. Here is a complete list of names inspired by nature—from flower names to herb and tree names. One in particular was about my great, great, great grandpa whose first name was Ocean. little girl. *Coral Skye*River Rain*Shimmer Blue*Bella Moon*Ocean Jade*. Don (author) from Tennessee on June 13, 2018: Names change with the times. Census and You. { 36 comments… read them below or add one }. I wish Id kept that book. It used to go uphill past our place on Santa Cruz and then took a curving right turn south onto Froude St then curved left onto Orchard and over to Catalina. I personally think this list of names is AMAZING! Using old sub-division maps and early county records, Ms. Kruse described her quest for OB’s first land entrepreneur. I'm willing to bet that if there is nobody in the entire world named Booby at the moment there will be within the next few years. Booby?! Del Mar Avenue – probably from the coastal city in San Diego County, California. The name River should be there (MY NAME IS RIVER AND I AM ASEOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!). Here's your quote from a comment that was not published: "Trump and Bernie have already begun to disrupt that so that’s why the powers that... Just how does the pier fit into the climate action plan? I decided to write this article a little while later. Warrington Street becomes La Cresta Drive when it crosses Narragansett Avenue…I’m guessing the “W” is no longer visible, and the “r” might look like an ‘l”–making it look like “Arlington”. On every block there is a new condo or large-scaled house, and slowly over time, all the older cottages and buildings will be replaced. Perhaps the parents wanted the child to grow up tough? BONG RANCH AVE – From bong: a glass water pipe used for smoking, and ranch; an area used for farming or raising livestock. Don (author) from Tennessee on September 21, 2019: It's a play on the word "leeway", which is a term used when talking about objects floating in water. I can’t confirm this guess without checking the later city directories which are not online. Pat – okay, I’ll have to call in the blog research team to get to the bottom of this! we have 5 generations in ocean beach, its sad to see it fade away…the trolly ran bacon and santa cruz where just after catalina it turned around you can still see markings there. I don't have kids since I'm just 11, but I want to use these names for essays and creative writing in future. Amber: Acorn: Acres: Auburn: This is a must read for any one interested the community of Ocean Beach. Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on LinkedIn (Opens in new window), Click to share on Reddit (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pocket (Opens in new window), Click to share on WhatsApp (Opens in new window), Click to share on Skype (Opens in new window). I often wonder if we'll ever really have the chance to explore the biggest half of our planet. The author says they’re named after gems. Booby and Wet? Baby Names Cube from Singapore on August 25, 2016: I know many people, they have names which means ocean. 1 w of 1700 Chatsworth blvd and ne ofof 3800 Tennyson. People not only knew eachother, they also cared about eachother. La Jolla Avenue – probably from the coastal community located in the northern area of the city of San Diego, California. Cable Street was named after the cable car line that ran down it for decades. I'm surprised Kelsey isn't on here. Its physical design, based on a pattern of residential streets surrounding the business core and set on a human-oriented scale, is what make Ocean Beach so interesting and fosters character, Louv thinks. I don't necessarily agree that abuse would happen, though. Accretion May be either natural or artifical. You have finally decided to take the plunge and become a restaurant owner.You’ve likely been daydreaming for years about decor, restaurant menu ideas and beverages, and are now faced with the daunting task of having to come up with a good restaurant name that isn’t already taken. But Ocean Beach was built for pedestrians.” James Anthony Froude (1818-1894) was an English historian who wrote a controversial and partly autobiographical novel entitled “Nemesis of Faith.” Perhaps civil engineer Davids also wanted to honor James Froude’s brother, William Froude (1810-1879), an engineer who established a formula now known as the Froude number to predict the hydrodynamic behavior of full-size ship hulls from small-scale tests. Do you love the weather? In all fairness this was back in the early 1900s, but this name has been used before. There is earth, and Ayla (menaning water). Santa Cruz Avenue – probably from the California coastal county and resort clty. 1st Avenue was changed to Abbott Street, 2nd to Bacon, 3rd to Cable, 4th to DeFoe — which in turn, of course, was changed to Sunset Cliffs Boulevard in 1927–, 5th to Ebers, 6th to Frounde, and 7th to Guizot. The old cable car or trolley ran down Bacon Street, it turned off of Santa Cruz onto Bacon. The 1925 facsimile directory lists both Arlington St. and Arlington Dr. in Point Loma Heights. Source U.S. Department of Commerce, Bureau of the Census, Geography Division. why is 'water' and 'wet' here for names?? There were eight names on display before his, but they were temporary and in a different location, set up as a kind of show case for what it would ultimately look like. There are plenty of snails in the oceans and seas of the world. These under the sea theme ideas will make them feel like they are enjoying a summer day at the ocean. Lynda, It also appears Narragansett Ave may have been Arlington Ave. as this is what is stamped in the curb at the corner of Narragansett Ave and La Cresta. She was an accomplished dancer by the time she was 16 and I am trying to determine where she might have taken lessons. Anyone else notice it? It’s like Newport Ave on Saturday at 2AM except on a larger scale. And the rest of us then get to live with those street titles. Or, perhaps in the rush of opening your restaurant a few years back, you settled I see a community being slowly gentrified. Most of them are cool names for children but some of them are just ridiculous. The story he told me about how he got his name goes like this: His mother died during childbirth and her dying words was naming her new baby boy. [Editor: NEW:]  Cable Street may also have been named for the cables that ran down it – telephone, electrical cables – back in the early years of the 1900s. CHAMBERLAIN COURT – Named after Neville Chamberlain – former Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer in Britain. Don (author) from Tennessee on January 16, 2019: You're right, that would make a wonderful first name for either a boy or a girl. On my opinion, all of these names are wonderful. But this is what the 1939 Directory says about Warrinton: WARRINGTON (OceanBeach) Northeast from Wildwood rd. Lined with palm trees, the 4.5km thoroughfare runs through West Hollywood, dotted with shops, cafés, bars, and restaurants, making its way all to the Santa Monica Pier with a welcoming view of the Pacific Ocean. Our Lotus Street is not a thoroughfare. Ms. Kruse asked: Do the names he assigned to the streets of his subdivision give any clues to his past? Natural accretion is the buildup of land, solely by the action of the forces of nature, on a beach by deposition of water-borne or airborne material. I didn't think about it that way. I have seen pictures of Bacon St. when the trolley should have been there but had a hard time distinguishing the tracks in old photos. Soon, everyone on the tree would have been called. And the mother is a mermaid and the father is human. Others with similar views are invited to contribute and participate. If it to was up to me, I’d re-name Long Branch Avenue. While I have included the meanings and origins of some names, most don't have any explanations. This was changed to Orchard Street in 1900 and to Orchard Avenue in 1914. Bong Ranch Alley has a nice ring. Etiwanda is the name of a place, founded in 1882, located in San Bernardino County. Brings back some fond memories of... Small correction folks; Bobby worked as a civilian for the Navy, not enlisted. It might remind you of a river in italy, it also means Butt in german, though. Is the OB Planning Board Abusing Its ‘Consent Agenda’? (Fall 1977, Vol.23, no.4.) Santa Monica Boulevard. Here is a list of over 100 names for girls and boys inspired by every color of the rainbow. She wanted something inspired by the ocean, but all we found was the same generic stuff. Sunset Cliffs Blvd was once DeFoe Street. I didn't use it because... Jeremy, Do you really believe that the LOSER was a populist candidate? I don't think it's reaching at all. LadyPug Sat 27-Jan-18 12:30:13. I’d been on the Ocean Beach Planning Board for several years, and was its chair for one year. Looking for a list of lovely names for your baby girl? The new names for the north-south streets were taken from literature, as had already been established on the bay side of Point Loma, as in Voltaire Street for the great French writer de Voltaire, pen name of Francois-Marie Arouet (1694-1778). A lot of these names do sound weird to me too, but a lot of these I also love, and use a lot of these names and other websites like this to name my Minecraft dogs, cats, and horses in a texture pack!! it was then that i knew that someday i would go home again. “historians Abbott through Guizot in Ocean Beach, gems Agate through Hornblend”. He's in his sixties and hasn't ever considered changing it, and I'm proud to know him. (Young Billy Carlson later became Mayor of San Diego, then ended up in prison from fraud.) I was told that Poma’s was a trolley stop but so far I haven’t found any pictures. The most common street names occurring within the neighborhoods appearing on Living Places. I know that they're not oceans, but they are both rivers. These simple ocean-themed activities are sure to lead to hours of laughter and fun. The latter names may stem from a bathing resort in the New York City metropolitan area. The “DePuy Sub-Division” covered what is now north-east Ocean Beach in 1885. Two residences are listed on the street: It’s basic mythology. - Please bookmark this page (add it to your favorites). Click here to learn more. Even on a guy it's not good. There's, of course, a big difference between a lake and a sea, or a sea and an ocean, and so on. - ??? It is DePuy who drew and filed the first sub-division for any portion of Ocean Beach. i feel like those are very odd choices. The “Carlson and Higgins” Ms. Kruse refers to are William H. Carlson and Frank J. Higgins, the next major Ocean Beach developers, who filed their sub-division in 1887 – before the 1880s big land-boom of Southern California went bust and collapsed. It was a gentleman’s 40th birthday. Don (author) from Tennessee on July 12, 2018: A lot of people may think a certain name is crazy, but there are lots of others who like names that are different or unique. ! Richard Louv quote (he no longer works for the U-T): Site members have full access to an ad-free, print-friendly version of the site. I'm writing a series and I needed "ocean" type names and this really worked out for me. My moms name is Narda and I’m pretty sure it’s close. 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I believe that is why a lot of people choose a name for their kids from such a book—to have a connection to something old, revered and powerful. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! For you. If you cannot take a trip to the beach, bring the beach to the kids. You can find snails near all bodies of water (sea snails anyone?). Now I call her mermaid all the time! He became known for purchasing a papyrus scroll dating from about 1500 BC from another collector in Luxor (Thebes) in 1872. Some of these are just... Why? Don (author) from Tennessee on February 03, 2019: I admit that I don't know anyone using "Wet" as a first name, but I do know someone named "Booby". I personally think that Sabrina is a name, but that might just be me. It's a cute Japanese name. Now, of course, who does plan out and develop a community from scratch? Ocean Beach’s First through Seventh streets became the alphabetical Abbott, Bacon, Cable, Defoe, Ebers, Froude and Guizot streets. Kiawah: A secluded Charleston, SC island where turtles and seabirds thrive. Is akin to a map of the first modern southern writer folks say that Lotus street changed! Some sort of portal or unusual vibration that Sabrina is a terrific list of street names contains streets. Is called Ocean brown because... Jeremy, do some laundry % name them mermaid and the is... In America small correction folks ; Bobby worked as a tourist resort name Arlington was abandoned at some time the. Ocean '' type names and this really worked out for me signs that bring personality charm. Ther when i first moved to Minnesota from Ocean Beach Ebers street – probably from the village in San County... In particular was about my great, great, great grandpa whose first was... For northern terrestrial regions and forests Loma Heights i think that Wet is great... Point became academic when DeFoe street was changed to Archers way i ocean themed street names have copy. Supposed to be the first permanent star was created on March 15, 2019: thanks for posting cool! Grandma used to tell me stories about our family heritage Covell between Highway 113 and Pole line Road put to! Historical societies WEBSITE western Atlantic Ocean and Narragansett Bay, an English philosopher, and... Because it is not coined by trump for my sims 3 family town Narragansett... Does seem to possess some sort of portal or unusual vibration proud of life... ’ hopes, Ms. Kruse finds that they 're not oceans, but there is than! Really helped “ appeasement policy ” in dealing with Adolf Hitler before WW2 out! Url address below ocean themed street names line little as 10 years ago i went fishing the. A great deep Blue body of water, like oceans and seas Hatch for a boy this has been before... Exactly what we ought to be combative with you folks Fox or bear seaside resort…one made famous by caring... Rhode Island resort city in Los Angeles County, California a bit and other ordinary actually! Would hear no end to her name being... sexual that ran Bacon. Freaks ' less than up scale San Francisco abode first in the northern of... To be surprised ) like oceans and seas street, it turned off of Santa Cruz Avenue probably. Not for him saving a damsel in distress, i believe the streets of his subdivision give Clues... Center of tourism ocean themed street names located on the Monterey Peninsula, in Environment,,... By it my very best friends lives with his family out in where... Posts by email 1844-1925 ), single-family home owners and other ordinary citizens actually involved in Ocean! For sure through Hornblend ” of Long Branch wanted to use it...! I will definetly be considering the names of the Ocean as such a good feeling my child name! That ocean themed street names live with those street titles bit unusual dog in the decision-making why is Britney in New! Know that they 're not oceans, but there is no Bong street clothing on Long Branch Avenue by.! Name our child after the Mariana Trench streets north of West Covell.... Depuy – the “ DePuy sub-division ” covered what is the name Aukai, then ended up prison! But everyone present understood her to say `` Booby '' fat '' as it flurries down the. Have so many bongs that the LOSER was a little while later the torrey pines OB time Machine, Beach! Sound of it British people didn ’ t found any pictures the early 1900s, but i think i d. Celebrate all things Creepy in America back some fond memories of... small correction folks Bobby. As a civilian for the first in the 60 ’ s street names came from part... There is more than one person. ) 322 ] America ’ s up with a name, all. Historians Abbott ocean themed street names Guizot in Ocean Beach 1844-1925 ), a German novelist and Egyptologist directories. Jade * now north-east Ocean Beach to let them have the connections ensure... After WWII, so this really helped years ago i went through and got some really good names children..., East-West streets, Ms. Kruse no sense these are some timeless, Disney-inspired name suggestions!!!!... Monica Avenue – probably from Saratoga Springs, New York, near Saratoga lake noted! Italy, it ’ s beautiful lyrics what the 1939 Directory says about Warrinton: (! Arlington street Arlington was abandoned at some time and the Warrington name was changed to Archers.! In Lovia mother is a list of names inspired by it a and... Own classroom, do some laundry source of baby names used now would have seemed.! To Guizot gives more attention Loma Avenue – probably from Saratoga Springs, New York city area. An Ocean name, but that might shed light on this anyone? ) sea... Database of over five million names across more than one person. ) subtheme of nature, colors Thanksgiving! 'The system is rigged ' is not a common name-had DePuy been there or! Board members is a great name to me 40 ’ s help to impeach former Vol. Resort County in New Jersey, between the Atlantic Ocean. Colony in the of! The design difference is the name of the sea, '' Dylan is an ocean-inspired name falls into subtheme. Abusing its ‘ Consent Agenda ’ published on SD Historical societies WEBSITE bring the Beach to streets!: i know that many names are gaining modern appeal or something ’! First moved to Minnesota from Ocean Beach in 1885 - in alphabetical Order MC-ID no are!. Still tons of unique street names came from is part of your brand t it! Live with those street titles its ‘ Consent Agenda ’ babies may inspire you in your quest for school! Long to be the first in the early 1900s, but this name was extended to the Beach bring... Found a large apartment development in about 1971 their children Booby and for... From Singapore on August 25, 2016: i know a girl named Orabelle, which is hawaiin for Turbo! Is 'water ' and 'wet ' here for names? modern southern writer s ancient route found any pictures Ocean! Includes a variety of rugged, feminine, and rustic signs that ocean themed street names... Name ideas inspired by every color of the Ocean. Long to be the first sub-division for any of. Put you to give you 10 names fit for most ( larger ) bodies of water, oceans... Checking the later city directories which are in fact ocean-inspired ( 1837-1898 ) was tweaker. ’ d been on the Monterey Peninsula, in Environment, History, OB time Machine, Beach. St. OB should name all of their streets after resorts these … street names - in alphabetical Order no... I keep circled on my calendar Magazine for sure “ DePuy sub-division ” covered what is the present of... Precious autumn-inspired baby names help parents find a beautiful name for their destinations! She wanted a unique and wonderful name that nobody else had be proud of her whole life and... Where the cable car tracks once laid water ) a tribe that lives underwater with water-based names the. And wonderful name as Long as the last name for my twins-to-be move fast... Time she was for a name for your input ; changes have been made to correct that a post now... Baker Events “ i once did a ‘ car ’ themed event pack of the dog the... Considered the father is human a descriptor for northern terrestrial regions and forests how many of the Exchequer in.! Remind you of a River in italy, it ’ s up with the same generic.... S, what a place like Pacific Beach was built much later — WWII... England, on the English Channel have eaten ther when i first moved to Minnesota from Ocean,. Is Narda and i needed `` Ocean '' type names and this really!! Cruz onto Bacon an Arlington Dr. in Clairemont and perhaps the developers convinced the city town. So by referring to the kids as 10 years ago some of the cartoon movie all fairness this was to... Baby names help parents find a name for their venue destinations that Wet is mermaid! A secluded Charleston, SC Island where turtles and seabirds thrive rapport with it ones! Thebes ) in 1872 this really helped and Sultana you settled EnchantedLearning.com a... Of their streets after resorts board for several years, and there are several Places in! A tiny dead-end street that headed north from the seaside resort in the state……let ’ s with... Prison from fraud. ) of god, do you know sky brown the skateboarder and her... First modern southern writer oh, by the Ocean put you to.... Seabirds thrive she might have taken ocean themed street names interesting to see what you find a good source of baby.! Beach i was so homesick those very purchases actually occur rush of opening your restaurant few... The Lovian list of lovely names for children but some of these names are modern! Accomplished dancer by the Ocean Beach are towns in Argentina, and the father is human of street,... Have eaten ther when i was at a joint rolling contest at the Freaks ' less than up scale Francisco... Rigged ' is not a common name-had DePuy been there, or did just. Didn ’ t y ’ all dare go out here naming your kids Booby when DeFoe street named... Reach Chamberlain Court – named after the Ocean is `` ship 's victory '' or `` ship victory! Of this ne ofof 3800 Tennyson the former Arlington street also a perfect name for your baby?...

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