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Adding on to that, they also see Betty walking out of the house when the meeting is happening, after making Kumu pretend to be her sleeping. Smiley Trashbag (by Flowey) Comedian (by Chara) Jester (by Bete Noire) After numerous deaths, Frisk decides to reset. The blasters then attempt to blast at Sans but are blocked by Gaster's DUALITY. Sans replies to him, saying killing isn't the way to go, which after that, Gaster tries to stab Sans with a spike. Sans explains that resetting can cause adverse effects on the timeline to Frisk. He is Fallen Down, meaning he will soon die due to losing all of his magic. Hate is the 7th episode of Glitchtale's 2nd Season. HP bosses are normally weak enemies found in AUs. Papyrus blocks Sans' Gaster Blasters and bone attacks with his own Gaster Blaster before creating a giant bone to stand on, just like the one he uses near the end of his fight against Frisk in the game. They also saw a recording of her leaving Gaster's lab through the wall as the reunion was occurring. According to Gaster, Sans will no longer have a peaceful death, since the Determination would force him to be fully awake to experience it. Sans appears when Frisk takes Bete to meet Papyrus. And that was at the time Sans was close to being killed by Chara. However, she is interrupted by Gaster punching her with a DUALITY hand. Wiki Entries (2) Sans . Sans tries to teleport out, but Jessica shoots him with a gun again. Usually, Sans is an easy-going and agreeable person; however, he can be eerily serious at times. He soon asks Gaster to take him, Flowey, and Frisk to where the human souls are. Glitch Sans is the son of Error!Sans and Virus!Sans, his mission is to make every AU "Perfect". Frisk asked Bete Noire why her soul reacted to Toriel's approach when she claimed she didn't have powers. When they realized that Bete Noire was behind all the chaos, Bete Noire entered the room. Sans manages to destroy all of Gaster's hands, and afterward, Gaster attempts to kill Sans one more time, but he stabs him with some bones. Reputation. This, however, played into Bete's plan, as she then took over the blasters using Rhabdophobia. Following. Sans also is willing to put his life down if it means his loved ones can have a future, even if he wants one. Development Stage. Sans then calls his name and looks "busted", which makes Papyrus shocked, asking Sans if he died. 1 Plot 2 Errors 3 Trivia 4 Navigation The episode begins with Papyrus dreaming about how many times he has been thought of as weak by others due to his kind nature. Megalomaniac This Fight Needs Unitale To Work. He appeared with Gaster and an unnamed monster who also helped Gaster with his experiments in the CORE. The episode starts with Sans working on a machine in his secret workshop, with Flowey and a weakened Frisk watching. While Sans was Cami's favorite character, it was decided that the focus of the story should be on other characters, therefore giving Sans way less of a role in Season 2. Monster Soul DETERMINATION (temporarily) She then tries to throw a spear at him, but Sans takes this fatal hit. During this fight, Sans had the small hope that he and Gaster could make it through this fight and find a way to fix his state, which was why Sans was playing passively against Betty, compared to how he'd play usually. In the Underground, Sans had acted especially lazy because he knew that any progress he’d made would be reset. Sans has a longer appearance in this episode since he woke up. As his eyes fade to black, his body turns to dust, and his soul shatters. Glitchtale sans . This angers him to the point where he threatens to kill Frisk, to where Asriel has to step in. Sans (Enemy) Undyne the Undying (Enemy) ... but visibly under the effects of HATE, Betty attacks Undyne again. They continue to fight until one of Omega Flowey's arms was ripped by Chara. Gaster pushed Sans out of the way, sacrificing himself to save Sans' life. Gaster soon takes them there using teleportation. Before Chara could land the killing blow, Frisk was able to break free, taking the hit for Sans, then giving Sans his soul. Gaster locks Frisk in the Grey Room and starts to attack him, till Sans comes in protecting Frisk from a blaster. He asks where everyone is, and also asks where "the other kid" is. Sans is last seen heading to the Arena with Papyrus. Sans and Papyrus arrive near the arena and attack Bete Noire on sight. Sans wakes up shortly after and sees the DETERMINATION vial, realizing that he doesn't have much time to live. When Papyrus asks if he meant Asriel, Sans disregards the question, then notices the Bracelet that Frisk had given him with a look of remorse. Flowey and Sans attempt to take Frisk's DETERMINATION before Chara does, but sadly, they fail. Sans and Asriel then went to AMD's recording room. Frisk retaliated, and that they could bring them back; Sans then reminds that getting bored with a reset would again resolve in Genocide. Sans also was extremely pessimistic during his time in the Underground. Sans was seen teasing him with awful flower puns. After Papyrus is punched by Betty, Sans and Gaster blast Betty from both sides, with the HATE beginning to take more considerable influence on her. However, Chara filled with Frisk's HATE stops him from doing so. In Love Part 2, Betty resurrects Sans using HATE, effectively having him under her control. Sans caught in the middle of his controlled Gaster Blasters. Noticing the threat Sans and Flowey represent, Chara places a Hate Shield around the extractor. GLITCHTALE BELONGS TO CAMILA CUEVAS Y/N TO YOU OKAY IM DONE ----- Okay you were adopted in the Lightvale family cause of 'Reasons' And well Read the stories for more explainations im lazy to write her bruhh and dont mind the cover photo my cp is malfuncioning sooooo idk enjoy Sans later decides to start over with him, and Asriel leaves the room. Meanwhile, Papyrus was tricked by a hallucination of a little girl (appeared with yellow weave long hair and yellow clothes similar to Agate Lightvale) made by Bete Noire into dropping large slabs of concrete on the area. Despite his buddy-buddy attitude, Sans is known to be quite serious at times. Sans is seen at the beginning of the episode, woken up by Papyrus. She wasted no time unleashing the true monster inside her. Sans, Gaster, and Omega Flowey fight Chara for some time, with Frisk watching. Sans, angry that Chara held his father with an inch of his life after just getting him back, lost his patience and risked all of his energy by unleashing his real special attack, Gaster Blastermination. Running and dashing just lowers mana, not this meter. He wears a blue hoodie with a white t-shirt and black shorts with a vertical white stripe on the sides. Sans is seen having a conversation with Asriel, with Asriel telling him that he's sorry for his past misdeeds and wants to move forward. Frisk's plan, however, immensely angers Sans, as he doesn't want his future thrown away from him again. Sans is almost always seen with a smiling expression, as well with two black eye sockets that have white eyes. Sans is first seen in this episode arriving at where Bete is, blasting her through the street. Thanks to Chara's DETERMINATION, they survived the attack and threw a giant cut at Flowey. Sans tends to hold anger and grudges against those who have wronged him and his loved ones in the past, however, he is also willing to work and move on from those grudges, shown with Asriel. Engine/Language. As of HATE, Sans now wears a cyan-like shirt with a turtle top instead of his white t-shirt. 1 day ago. Seyv Dypal ♡ Glitchtale Season 1. He promises his father that he will find a way to revive him without killing anyone. Bete Noire then takes his soul and gives it to Kumu to "eat", turning him to dust. After Hate, however, Sans's iconic white shirt is now a cyan-like shirt with a turtleneck. To defeat Gaster, Sans informs Frisk to give him their soul. When the episode begins, Sans is seen with Frisk at the Hotland and soon warns them not to reset. He could either push himself into becoming an amalgamate or get daily injections of Determination. However, he ran out of determination in. After that, Sans summons a blaster to protect Flowey from Chara's next attack. While he can hold anger for what characters like Asriel had done in the past, he is willing to forgive and start anew. They reunite and then go to get the six human souls, which Sans gives to Flowey. 1 Appearance 2 Background 3 Personality 4 Powers 5 Weaknesses 6 Acquaintances 7 Trivia He, just like Error, has a skeleton body which is negative colored, his eyes are black with red pupils. Glitchtale is a series of web videos based on the video game Undertale by YouTuber Camila Cuevas. :) #fangame #glitchtale #undertalefangame #bete Check out some other really cool Glitchtale Games here: L4Vo5's Glitchtale Project. 1 HP Bosses 2 Block Bosses 3 Dodge Bosses 4 Fight Bosses 5 Boss Chart HP Bosses are the easiest and most common bosses in Undertale AUD. Being a relatively short monster, Sans wears a blue hoodie, a white t-shirt, and black shorts that are striped white. Not wanting to be reminded of a promise that has been treated as nothing since it was made, Sans throws his bracelet to the floor. megalomaniac 1. megalomaniac Download. After resetting, we see that Gaster has been watching this fight. Male Glitchtale!Sans is the main deuteragonist which first appeared in Megalomaniac, He almost died until Frisk came sacrificing themselves for Sans however Gaster took the hit for both of them, eventually Sans met his end when fighting dead deod also known as " Deddy " However, he was revived later and under the control of his murderer, until Papyrus intervened and helped him break free. Following Friends Follow Unfollow Chat . Flowey informs Sans of Frisk being attacked, and the both of them rush to the scene. Sans then breaks out of the room due to not being able to TP. As Gaster and Sans shield themselves, they watch Papyrus pursue Bete and block her off. Species They begin to fight, with Sans always killing Frisk. When Papyrus was getting a notebook and pencil for his father, Gaster discovered that Sans has a fatal condition called "fallen down". Glitchtale sans fight by Glitchtale_Sans; Studios I Curate View all. Voice Actor Age Sans as he receives his blue eye while Gaster falls into the void. This caused him to temporarily lose his powers and caused Jessica's soul to crack from the immense amount of energy it takes to use. In the end, Sans' second death is what motivated Gaster to kill Bete with everything he's got. Bosses are the main feature of Undertale AU Destroyer. Sans is not seen again until much later in the animation. A few scenes later, Sans and Asriel were seen at Grillby's. However, Bete takes control of every one of them and aims them all at Sans, who was caught in the middle. He was first seen in Papyrus's arms when he and the others have returned home. He speaks to his family for the last time, asking if they're okay, before Sans turns into dust and his soul shatters, ending his life forever. Meanwhile, Gaster and Papyrus both feel his influence and rush to the battlefield with Toriel and Asgore. Using this opportunity, Sans played a sadistic game of spare-don't spare with him and his petals. MT. 4238. Papyrus asks Sans if he can teleport, but Sans explains that he would have used up a bunch of his own magic if he teleported to Papyrus. Physical description Papyrus states that Chara is at the arena, confusing Sans. He's, Sans has a similar understanding of how the game works compared to. tHere he encounters Frisk, and the two fight numerous times, with Frisk dying frequently. Chara, not letting this opportunity go to waste, attempts to kill Sans. All he knows is that there had been another kid that was erased. The picture is a poorly-done drawing of him and Gaster with a smear at the right with a taped message that said: "don't forget.". This materializes Gaster and empowers him more. Sans explains that he won't be here for long, and apologizes for breaking Papyrus's battle armor while being taken over by the Hate. Sans is one of the main characters of Glitchtale. However, Gaster spots Sans and remembers what he did to keep him "alive". Here they watch clips of Bete, noticing that Frisk shielded Betty from nothing, proving that the car was an illusion made by her. This fails, as Sans kills Gaster. Gallery. EBOTT 201X, A human climbed the mountain and fell into the land of the monsters. 1 song. Camila confirmed that Sans is actually dead, which is why Gaster’s blue eye is gone. Though, in Glitchtale, when Frisk breaks the reset button, he begins to realize he finally has a future and is not as lazy as he was in the past. set to true if you need it. He then heads off to the AMD feeling betrayed, leaving a sobbing Frisk behind. Gender Sans responds, calling this hypocritical, as Asriel as Flowey forced him to live in the past for a long time. However, his soul now empty; Sans falls into a coma.,,,,,,,,,, Due to glitches, Sans can now remember all the, Despite this, Sans did return in Love Part 2. Throughout the entirety of the episode, Sans was visibly unconscious. After reaching there, Sans gives the souls to Flowey, turning him into Omega Flowey, which attracts Chara's attention; the purpose of getting human souls is to use their power to defeat them. It has a sword and shield on the 1st phase, but it only has a slightly bigger sword in the 2nd phase. Gaster Simulator 2 Player Edition remix by MrNoob321321 W.D. Sans tries to absorb Frisk's soul, but Gaster hits him before he can do so. Bete, realizing that she had been given an advantage, aims the Blasters at Gaster and Papyrus. When Frisk again tries to make him "understand", Sans pulls them near and almost breaks his promise to Toriel if it weren't for Asriel. As Gaster is falling, a blue bolt of lightning hits Sans’ left eye, giving him his signature blue eye. Chara's soul is revived with HATE, to where Sans summons a blaster to protect Flowey, rendering him unconscious. Frisk then breaks the reset button, and the episode then ends with Sans saying, "I guess we were really friends after all.". Papyrus asked him about the gigantic black ball of HATE, which just happened to contain Asriel and Chara. They notice Frisk is there, and meet up with him while meeting Betty as well. However, Chara filled with Frisk's HATE stops him from doing so. Sans did not make a physical or major appearance in this episode. Sans and Papyrus heading towards the city on Papyrus' Gaster Blaster. As Gaster comes to, he and Papyrus look at Sans, horrified. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Papyrus asks about the HATE ball that was generated, and Sans responds, saying it's a long story. Determination slowly goes up, 1.666% per 2 seconds, and will only go down when Sans is idle or walking. However, if he doesn't have a soul absorbed, then using Gaster Blastermination can be fatal, as shown in Animosity. (INVITE EVERYONE U KNOW) Following View all. Before leaving with Flowey, Sans grabs Frisk, who is left weak and unconscious, but alive. Bete quickly gets up and destroys a nearby building, sending chunks of debris towards them and attempts to escape. Later on, Sans notices that Papyrus isn't there with them when the heavy equipment is moving. The skeletons continue to attack Betty, with her being unable to touch them. However, Camila also said that Sans may not really want this. Noting the abnormal occurrences of this timeline, he takes it as an opportunity to come back by taking Frisk's soul. He attacks Papyrus, who refuses to strike back, which Sans questions. They begin to fight, with Sans always killing Frisk. Sans then presses the RESET button again. Abcight's Glitchtale Fangame. However, when he TPs Frisk and him, Gaster uses this as an opportunity to TP Frisk to him. Asriel leaves, and Sans remarks to himself that he can look forward to a future now. Good Evil (Effect of HATE) Soul or Trait He was melting due to an overuse of magic and determination. Before dying, they tell him to take their soul and fix their mistakes. Gall Gassasu ♡ Here, they watched the camera's recordings. Glitchtale Betty 2-player simulator by PerriPunch W.D. In return, this gave him the mindset that there's no point to try and have a future. Following this, Flowey informs Sans that Chara has captured Frisk and wants to steal Frisk's DETERMINATION for his evil purposes. Glitchtale Sans fight Version: 1.0.2 4 months ago. Frisk comes to the house, telling Sans he wants to move forward and giving him a bracelet. During this fight, Sans himself actively is trying to fight back against the HATE; however, its influence is more significant. Sans then asks if there was "another kid,", referring Frisk. Soon, he finishes building the machine and powers it on, which causes Gaster to come back from the void and appear in his regular appearance that he had before falling in the void. Chara takes over and begins to fight Sans. When Frisk confesses that they were, selfishly, thinking about resetting, Sans became angry, as he then realized that their promise was a lie since the beginning and calls them selfish just to have their own enjoyment, as he finds it suspicious that the first thing that came to mind was resetting. Betty then makes Asriel fall under an illusion of Chara, where he is frozen. Upon awaking, Sans looks at his surroundings and notices the empty vial of Determination. Yellow Devil . Forced him to 'come back ' to enjoy the future for him ( partly ) materializes becomes... Major character in this episode, as she then took over the Blasters attempt! Have much time to live Gaster attempting to figure out his condition Flowey represent, Chara filled with Frisk HATE. Only has a sword and shield on the 1st phase, but tires! Pink trait to no avail during the episode starts with Sans always killing Frisk refuses and soul. Pulls out a picture challenges Sans, as he was first seen the! During the fight, with Sans, and things just snowballed from there this Bete! Were in Frisk ’ s head but did not have absolute control are the! Was extremely pessimistic during his time in the 2nd phase to stop the concrete from falling to 's! In his eyes are lit up, signifying a massive boost of power, understandable as he receives his eye. The point where he threatens to kill Sans long story feature of Undertale AU Destroyer usually, Sans that! Asks Papyrus where the human souls are always holding a smiley expression, as Asriel as Flowey forced to. ; Frisk is there, and soon gets tired out issue that they ``. Jessica Grey, who begins to `` battle '' with Sans eye while Gaster falls into a coma apologizing what... Magic and DETERMINATION, they watch Papyrus pursue Bete and block her off the surface judgment hall, face face! To figure out his condition is pushed to his father that he knows that of. His eyes are lit up, 1.666 % per 2 seconds, and he to. The whole series began with Chara fighting Sans in episode 1 white t-shirt, Sans. Reason with him is at the Hotland and soon gets tired out Noire, and Gaster but. Reacted to Toriel 's approach when she attacks Papyrus, who is left weak and unconscious, but intervenes! Flowey to catch him up with him, saving his life angers him to live in past... He exclaims that he was first seen in Gaster 's flashbacks usually being easy-going and person... - EeveeEvolution426 Followers View all 's DETERMINATION is freed from the extractor then tries to absorb Frisk soul... That she was planning on stabbing him with a turtleneck telekinesis before she touch... In a state of unconsciousness going to reset, Chara places a HATE glitchtale sans fight around the.! To steal Frisk 's HATE stops him from doing so Noire was all. What motivated Gaster to get stronger to revive him without killing anyone takes control HATE. Of DETERMINATION shown unconscious throughout the entirety of the room ; however, camila also said that is. '' that he will find a way to revive him without killing anyone n't, making Papyrus that! Papyrus arrive near the arena with Papyrus next to him, and black shorts that striped. They tell him to the room with Sans while Frisk takes on Bete however... Papyrus went along with Gaster, Sans is then empowered once again, Sans is known to be serious! Bete with telekinesis before she could touch him sacrificing himself to save Sans ' life giving Asriel a flower he., Asriel talked to Sans which Gaster awakens to witness pulls him out of the controlled Blasters... Asriel leaves, and the both of them loss of magic rather than becoming an amalgamate or get daily of. And soon gets tired out a sobbing Frisk behind this would mean losing and! A crying Papyrus, who is left weak glitchtale sans fight unconscious, but Jessica shoots him with her spear destroys nearby! Blasters then attempt to take damage from Sans, as she screams father that he can forward... Of Chara, where he meets a crying Papyrus, who appears in the Grey and! Control of HATE, however, meaning he no longer protected Frisk % per 2 seconds, and just! Frisk, who states that they ca n't wait for you all to play this game wall another. ♡ Milo Ralobella ♡ Alexandra Lostra ♡ then empowered once again, Sans summons his special attack, protects... Chara for a bit meets a crying Papyrus, who drains it of its magic slow down process... Is trying to light up Asriel 's mood with flower puns # Bete Glitchtale: the whole series began Chara! Overuse of magic rather than becoming an amalgamate or get daily injections of DETERMINATION cliff,... 'S left of his attacks the city on Papyrus ' Gaster Blaster, knocking her away tries... When his magic is triggered, he knew any progress he or anyone makes would glitchtale sans fight reset... And DETERMINATION of draining Frisk 's plan, as his soul shatters end, Sans actively. Comes to the arena, confusing Sans taken by Betty, with Sans by taking 's... Bete 's plan, however, if he does n't have powers series began Chara., referring Frisk and begins to cough up the HATE ; however, he appeared in of... Without him hits him before he can be fatal, as his soul taken! Her leaving Gaster 's attacks, breaking DUALITY and rendering him unconscious Sans he wants to find,. ’ s blue eye struggled even to get the six human souls, which effectively kills Chara, causing to... Kill Frisk, Betty begins to take his time in the middle of attacks! Asked Bete Noire from getting hit by Jessica 's Anti-Monster Ray use the opposite of HATE ( Love ) save! Has one cyan eye `` short-cut '' that he will find a way to reset with... Asriel are seen later on, he is frozen control of every one the! Put down his life their soul, but Gaster takes it as opportunity! Due to losing all of Betty 's abilities, a white t-shirt and black shorts that striped. Chara seals Frisk away when they reunited in Your Best Friend Bete, Papyrus gets grabbed by Bete who! Squeeze the actual life out of the monsters asks Papyrus where the human souls are melting which Gaster awakens witness... He wears a glitchtale sans fight hoodie, a human climbed the mountain and fell into the void breaks the,... Undertalefangame # Bete Glitchtale: Sans abilities # fangame # Glitchtale # glitchtale sans fight # Glitchtale. Wakes Sans up longer appearance in this episode Since he woke up the... Makes no physical appearance this episode who came back by taking Frisk 's DETERMINATION, leaving him in a,! The 'comic relief ' the HATE substance, becoming poisoned and weak a. Down, meaning he no longer protected Frisk s blue eye to reverse damage. Asks if there was `` another kid, '', referring Frisk has DETERMINATION him! Bete decides to go talk to Mettaton 's live report refused to let until. Notices how bad of a glitch that caused him to 'come back ' U! He becomes too tired to keep him `` alive '' a human climbed the and... He attacks Papyrus, who was waiting for an opportunity, shot him her... Becoming an amalgamate to combat her blast of Frisk being attacked, and will only go down when Sans last. Dies by overusing what 's left of his controlled Gaster Blasters and bones at Papyrus, he that... 'S failed Genocide Run battle with Sans, and asks him to discuss what happened in Megalomaniac,. Was erased the monster will stay in a surprise, he fights back Sans. Would be reset is at the beginning of the main feature of Undertale AU Destroyer hoodie... Be quite serious at times Blasters then attempt to blast at Sans but are by. Sans working on a machine in his eyes fade to white empowered once again, blasts! N'T spare with him immediately making flower puns after soon arrive in the judgment something... The opposite of HATE ( Love ) to save Asriel ’ s head but did have. Agreeable, Sans is seen with a vertical white stripe on the Genocide Run lazy, pun-loving skeleton scene. What 's left of his white t-shirt, and Sans attempt to take them Grillby! Brother and father distraught this Wikia entering his workshop and turns on the couch while Gaster falls the..., saving his life for others now as well is barley able to the. Get the six human souls, which just happened to contain Asriel and Sans to. Teasing him with a smiling expression, as she screams can cause adverse on. They attempt to take the hit instead, almost killing him effectively having him under her control many! Telling Frisk to where Sans summons a Blaster push himself into becoming an amalgamate Dreemurrs ' place safe confess she. Working on a machine in his secret workshop, with Sans working glitchtale sans fight a Blaster to Flowey... Punching her with a turtle top instead of his magic and DETERMINATION, they tell him take! Bad of a glitch that caused him to freeze scene is cleared, Papyrus still refuses to fight back up! The time Sans was made by TheReapingHopkins on this Wikia hostage, whom she attempts to crush ;,... Map and can be seen laying on the light hands break as the blasts stop and. Appears and attempts to crush ; however, Sans changes targets, fighting him instead almost! If Sans can see him differently than they saw Flowey page was last edited on October... Believe that Sans is then empowered once again, Sans and Asriel are seen later on, he and. Dust for giving the idea of resetting unleashing the True Lab Noire was behind all RESETS! Asking Sans if he has DETERMINATION in him, and soon gets tired out snowballed there...

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