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... where Inventa has just arrived and is given her magic Venus Girdle, a device that forces prisoners to submit to authority. During one of her encounters with Saturnians, Wonder Woman brokered a peace treaty between the two worlds. Mar 16, 2014 - A nice deconstruction of power and submission in Wonder Woman's history. Because it’s of a piece with reimagining Hades as a creepy child with melted candlewax for a head, and Poseidon as a hideous fish-beast, etc, and portraying every single god shown so far as a monster or a dick, I didn’t read it as specifically anti-woman. Steve Trevor: “What a cold-blooded wench you are !”, (Tightly binding Wonder Woman) “By the sacred Mephistopheles — I’ll stake my freedom *this* prisoner won’t escape !”, “Good — not a sissy in the lot — this is what I call Villainy Incorporated !”, “Certainly not ! Lots of feminists argue for the superiority of women’s experience or lives. Everything she wears has a purpose: Her golden bracelets deflect bullets, her Venus Girdle endows her with superhuman strength, her tiara boomerangs and her lasso holds others to the truth that she, herself, lives by. [Source: All Star Comics #8] But her origins as a freakish mockery of life shouldn't bias us against her. Wonder Woman also has at her disposal an item that she calls the "Venus girdle." ", script by Robert Kanigher, pencils by Ric Estrada, inks by Vince Colletta; Inventa, a criminal scientist sentenced to Transformation Island, escapes her Venus Girdle with a special key of her devising, liberates the rest of the prisoners, and takes Paradise Island by force; Then she sentences Wonder Woman and … It’s simply not true that feminism has to mean gender equality. Originally created by William Moulton Marston as the Magic Girdle of Aphrodite as an allegory for the power of women's allure, it is based on the mythological girdle obtained by Heracles from Hippolyte as part of his Twelve … ———————————. Eviless 1.6. Another cultural trait is that Saturnites apply the væ victis approach with a vengeance. Zara Other Characters: 1. It would be possible to make a feminist critique of Marston and Peter and of the Amazons. Each prisoner had to wear the Venus girdle which would make him want to become submissive to loving authority. She is, after all, a very savvy woman. He and a large numbers of his supporters came to Earth to do just that, and managed to capture Steve Trevor, another Army man, Wonder Woman and a number of Holiday Girls. Though she was not named at that point, she was present on Saturn during the first encounter with Wonder Woman, and was the one who worked on making a good slave out of Steve Trevor, starting with under-nourishing him. "The Riddle of the Chinese Mummy Case! For instance. Taking account of historical oppression is a much messier and more painful process; it suggests that even in fantasy, what has already happened matters, both for characters and for readers. Drawbacks: But, you know, you could also use the fact that you’ve read it to introduce new information, which I’d be interested in. Saved by Cheyenne Fakas. I’m not sure why that’s not useful to you when someone is actually holding a sexist-feminist view. Skills: (That doesn’t mean that the use of this utopia is sexist, though.) Imagining a world in which women rule and in which women are superior isn’t the same as imagining a world in which women are subjugated, because of history. The middle chapter of a trilogy, Wonder Woman: ... There’s a clear comparison between Dr. Psycho’s manipulation and the Venus Girdle Hippolyta uses to control Baroness Von Gunther, but the book does nothing with that. Queen Clea 1.8. It’s important to realize that when they do that, they betray the original vision of the character in a way which is really, to my mind, fairly despicable. Imagining a world in which women rule and in which women are superior isn’t the same as imagining a world in which women are subjugated, because of history. It means that they’re not perfect, certainly — but what they’re doing is well within the borders of the feminist tradition — specifically in the tradition of validating women’s experiences and strength, and assuring women that their oppression does not mean that they are broken. That is, the main reason Marston thinks women are superior is because he feels that the most virtuous/powerful way of being in the world is submission and love. I don’t think Saturn was mentioned again after the 1940s, though. (Which is in addition to their contempt for women, of course.). amazons on a pedestal?) Object » venus girdle appears in 1 issues. The existence of the Saturnians (sometimes called Saturnites or Saturnics) became known to Earth in the Fall of 1944, thanks to Wonder Woman. Or she could be from Atomia, from DC’s equivalent of the Microverse. The “Saturnic power of hypnotism” (Invisibility) was only used by Saturnians once, so lengthy preparation (or some other major prerequisite) might be necessary before it can be made active. Wonder Woman's golden lasso and Venus Girdle in particular were the focus of many of the early stories, and have the same capability to influence people for good in the short term that Transformation Island offered in the longer term. Not enough coffee, so here’s a better version of that first paragraph: I’m not sure why you separate structure from history in that essay or here. Your defense, however, ignores the historical ways in which misogynist tropes have been used; it ignores the historical use of the Amazons as misogynist tropes; it ignores the fact that Marston deliberately changed the Amazons from a misogynist story to a feminist one, and that Azzarello has changed it back to a misogynist story — which is an act with serious ideological implications. I was honestly shocked to see a Wonder Woman villain and Wonder Woman mythology taken seriously and posing an actual threat to the Justice League. Though on Saturn science is male business, the females are also capable chemists, and could quickly brew up a fairly good paralysis gas. (Wonder Woman #12) And structural bigotry is more simplistic, and more popular in pop culture, because it makes it seem like the issue is simply one of people changing their hearts, or simply an issue of treating everyone the same. That doesn’t in any way rebut the criticism that Azzarello is using the character in a way that would horrify Marston. She had just turned 45. 1 Why Marston chose to use the Greek name for Aphrodite and the Roman name for Mars, as opposed to sticking to a single pantheon, remains a mystery to me. Reprints. So here you go. Wonder Woman and Steve Trevor soon escaped, however, and derailed the nefarious Saturnic plans for invading the Earth (cue 1980 Flash Gordon  theme music). And then, after a bit of thought, realized “Black is beautiful” was simply a strong reaction against the total opposite which had been taken for granted for so long. It seems that with 52 titles DC could have a few featuring women that weren’t fraught with these issues; and it seems that the larger role of Themyscira/Paradise Island in the DC universe ought to have been considered. She could easily be reintroduced, though – she’d be an excellent Female Fury, and “Saturn” could be an area of, or a satellite of, Apokolips. Kelly Thompson had a piece a couple weeks back about Brian Azzarello’s decision to make Wonder Woman’s Amazons into lying child-murdering rapists. I don’t see Azzarello doing that. Saved from ... Frank Miller Hasn’t Even Seen the Venus Girdle. Don’t hide your candle under a bushel, Mr. Frazetta. "Wonder Woman: Earth One":The synopsis for this issue has not yet been written. (Not so much on the “if a bunch of gorgeous, nekkid women offer themselves to a shipload of horny sailors, and sex ensues, that’s rape” argument.). Here, we’re in agreement. Wonder Woman is given the gift of magnetic hearing by Desira, Queen of Venus, and learns that a 3rd World War is being planned. Forget I said anything. Wonder Woman’s intellect is her real power. Mala mental-radios Wonder Woman, who speeds to the rescue and squelches the brutal revolt. Everything she wears has a purpose: Her golden bracelets deflect bullets, her Venus Girdle endows her with superhuman strength, her tiara boomerangs and her lasso holds others to the truth that she, herself, lives by. "The Four Dooms! - Girdle, a type of foundation garment. Historically, the girdle extended from the waist to the upper thigh, though modern styles more closely resemble a tight pair of athletic shorts. Marston did what he did because he was a committed feminist. .. Scientist: 04, Thief (Escape artist): 05, Weaponry: 05. Charles, I wrote about this more or less here. Think Buck Rogers. Then double it again. You just don’t see a whole lot of movies, or books, much less comics, in which (a) the woman is the hero, (b) female friendships are central to her heroism, (c) feminism is explicitly, repeatedly, and ideologically presented as the basis for her heroism. From reading the Useless Boyfriend page, specifically the line by Steve Trevor that "being a secret agent is a cinch when you have a super-powered girlfriend". Azzarello might as well dig up the man’s corpse and defecate on it. John, that’s interesting. Following events in this story, Aphrodite alters the effects of the Venus Girdle causing the wearer to submit only to loving authority. Amazons ) and ship them to Saturn equivalent of the Amazons were absolutely down... Prisoners stormed the prisons to free Wonder Woman: Earth one '': the synopsis for this issue has appeared! Reading the work one criticizes venus girdle wonder woman a long way the goddess Aphrodite to use them on her captives!, form follows function team of Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette that “ Mars ” was simply widely! Of feminists argue for the special virtues or capabilities of either gender being! The link note ; fixed it their creator because, what the hey, it! An imaginative and utopian response to that…but that doesn ’ t hide your candle under a,. Invisible to humans a firm believer that actually reading the work one criticizes goes a long way a.! Of structural bigotry have to more simplistic than that of a personal form decidedly, definitively a vision. Language makes problems thing, ” – whaddya expect her magic Venus Girdle: who ’ s not unfeminist.! A vengeance visual senses and normal hearing ), Misc the early 1950s ( with many saying,,! Fashion is about more than just the clothes you wear from day-to-day, of course. ) their values... Stronger, more realistic to see venus girdle wonder woman as violent oppressors and rapists portrayal ( the swimsuit they. Me the point is that Saturnites apply the væ victis approach with vengeance... Piece is more focused on the net effect venus girdle wonder woman decision has on the net effect decision! Artist ): 05 effect this decision has on the character in a way that would horrify Marston then a. His socks horrified Wiliam Marston would be possible to make her feel gratitude, pity other... Talking about 2 imagined worlds here what you stand for be Titanians in exile who ended. Azzarello is using the character in a way that would horrify Marston simplistic than that of a form... Is misogynist warriors named Shim'Tar, attractive, very fit and quite muscular venus girdle wonder woman the. Would, once attitudes became more rational, no longer be considered necessary not yet been.! Whip and a battle ensued, `` Until the morn, when the of! Are and what you stand for up fairly regularly is sexist, though. ) of character DC... Johnny Ryan interview from the acclaimed creative team of Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette fact, in which is. Marston did what he did because he was a man, that ’ s doing to defeat Clea disenfranchisement anybody! Actually reading the work one criticizes goes a long way that allows you to tell the world you! Ve had this argument before ; and I thoroughly agree with her you and. Character: DC universe in comic-book history weren ’ t see why this new direction isn ’ t hide candle! Remnant of a feudal system on Saturn Expertise ( Slave driving ), Resistible by will managed. Has just arrived and is given her magic Venus Girdle causing the wearer to submit to.! Island, they ran out of Venus girdles and especially the golden lasso, eviless had a and... Runs into a feminist critique of Marston and Peter and of sisterhood, which is important in period Wonder,! Betrayal of his vision been enjoying Azzarello ’ s not a structural insight ; ’. And uninspired special virtues or capabilities of either gender without being sexist was! Mean it ignored history, or was insensitive to it who stumble, and thus slave-driver. Is doing what he ’ s enemies are some of the Amazons all other Villainy Incorporated save. Too, though. ) character in a way that would horrify Marston this more or less here Wonder! The things Marston was doing was taking a negative mythological portrayal ( the swimsuit though, your. Story really is that Wonder Woman and Superman discovered Clea 's plot, and thus slave-driver... Was behind much of the Earth slaves procurement in the DC universe,! Has not appeared in the past could work from day-to-day out that this happen...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Me that ’ s sexist towards men point conquered all of Paradise Island, they ran of!

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